Jinsei Gakuen High School is located in Zentsuji City in the western part of Kagawa. Zentsuji City is famous for its Buddhist temples. About 1200 years ago, one of the temples produced a great monk named Kukai. The city was named after that temple.

Jinsei Gakuen High School was established by Ookubo Hikosaburo in March, 1884. The original location of the school was in Saita Town [Mitoyo City], Kagawa. In the beginning the school was rather small, but gradually the number of students increased. In 1887, the school moved to Kyoto, and acted as a preparatory school for students who wanted to enter Kyoto University, an excellent university then and now. After the move to Kyoto, Mr. Ookubo became ill and the school was closed for a while. During this time, Mr. Ookubo returned to Kagawa. He made a full recovery, and he opened the school again in Kagawa in March, 1894. Unfortunately, in 1907 Mr. Ookubo passed away; however, the school has both stayed in Kagawa and stayed in the family. The current owner and manager of Jinsei Gakuen is the fourth generation Ookubo family member to manage the school.

There are about 770 students and 80 teachers at our school. Jinsei Gakuen is a coed high school with some 400 boys and 370 girls. Most of our students are from Kagawa; however, about 120 students come from all over Japan. These students live in dormitories; our school has five dorms. The first [10th] grade is made up of 10 class teams, and the second [11th] and third [12th] grades have nine each. There are four courses of study at our school: a general course, a commerce course, a nursing course, and a social welfare course. Furthermore, the general course is divided into four sections based on different concentrations: athletic, basic, advanced, and upper level advanced.

The educational motto of our school is “Love, Honor, and Sincerity”. At Jinsei Gakuen High School, sports are greatly valued as a part of education. Our soft-tennis team is quite famous domestically. It won the national championship twice. The basketball team is also excellent. One of the team members also belongs to the Japanese national basketball team. There are also several other sports teams and cultural clubs at our school, including the brass band and our Japanese Drum team [taiko], both excellent and energetic clubs. The Drum team is very interesting.

The school also has a training camp facility in Mitoyo City, Kagawa. It is called Misaki-No-Ie. It faces the Inland sea of Japan [Seto Inland sea]. There are beautiful views of the inland sea from this camp.